Ultra Slim 3-in-1 Invisible Phone Stand Wallet




Aren’t you tired of carrying a heavy, bulky wallet on a daily basis?
We’re introducing you to a brand new triple-function versatile design that acts as a phone stand, a wallet and a phone holder all at once with minimalistic principle!
Zero Redundancy Minimalistic Design!By stripping off all the unnecessary content, we’re leaving only the most essential parts to provide you an revolutionisedminimalistic wallet with a phone holder, stand, magnetic car mount function all at once!

Drop The Load and Live Lightly!Unlike traditional phone stand, our ultra slim wallet isonly 1/5 of their weight and size, giving you a whole new lightweight experience!

Slim Down Your Wallet!Combined the best essence of wallets, phone holder and phone stand, it will effectively slim down your daily burden! This wallet is able to hold up to 5 cards with a fortified Anti-RFID technologyprotection!
Phone Holder Or Stand? Why Not Both!We want to make sure you can do itanywhere, at anytime. Simplyfold it in your handsor put it on the desk with it wherever you go! No strings attached.Six-Angled Adjustability!Our phone stand comes with6 adjustable levels to support your everyday use at the most suitable and comfortable angle! With this one gadget, you can enjoy a perfect view of your phone at portrait or landscape directions!

Easy Installation with Strong Adhesives!With astick-on installation, our wallet is literally afool proof gadgetfor all! The strong adhesives makes sure your phone is tightly secured in on second with no accidents, no falling, and absolutely no damages!
  • Compatibility: 4.7″ + phones*
  • Dimensions: 64x105x4.7mm (2.5×4.1×0.15in)
  • Weight: 29g / 1oz
  • Angles: 60隆芦, 40隆芦, 25隆芦(portrait), 60隆芦, 40隆芦, 30隆芦(landscape)


  • 1*Ultra Slim 3-in-1 Invisible Phone Stand Wallet