Stainless Steel Cone Molder




A cone molder for a various mouthwatering treats instantly.

Start creating scrumptious appetizers, pastries, cocktail food with the STAINLESS-STEEL CONE MOLDER!

Stainless Steel Cone Molder is a CONE MOLDER set that can help you make DELIGHTFUL treats EASILY and INSTANTLY! It is made of STAINLESS STEEL making it REUSABLE and NON-TOXIC. It has a NON-STICK FINISH that makes it EASY for you to REMOVE the PERFECTLY SHAPED CONES without the worry that it will break or demold.

Stainless Steel Cone Molder has a VARIOUS ways for making mouthwatering dishes such as spiraled cream horns, flaky or sugar-coated lady locks, ham or salmon rolls, cream filled pastry dessert or appetizers. This is a PERFECT tool for Kitchen, Bakery, Restaurant, and Caf!

Stainless Steel Cone Molder is DURABLE and has a LONG LIFESPAN. It is EASY to CLEAN just HAND WASH and DRY it thoroughly.


  • Material:?Stainless Steel
    • Size:
      • #1: Approximately 8.5cm x 2.5cm
      • #2: Approximately 11cm x 3.5cm
      • #3: Approximately 12.2cm x 3.4cm
      • #4: Approximately 14cm x 3.4cm
      • #5: Approximately 15cm x 4cm
      • #6: Approximately 12.5cm x 2.5cm