Portable Stainless Straw




A reusable stainless straw that will protect your health and environment.

We are all aware how PLASTIC affects our ENVIRONMENT and HEALTH. That is why here is a product that will help you TURN YOUR BACK to PLASTICS starting with a STRAW. Introducing the PORTABLE STAINLESS STRAW.?

Portable Stainless Straw in an INNOVATIVE product that will help you SAVE the ENVIRONMENT and your HEALTH. It is MADE of BPA FREE and FOOD-GRADE MATERIAL, STAINLESS STEEL and the straws INTERIOR TUBE is made of MEDICAL-GRADE TPE MATERIAL which ENSURES that DRINKING through this straw is as SAFE as your DAILY EATING. It is COLLAPSIBLE as it is made if TRIPLE-JOINT STAINLESS STEEL that can be easily FOLDED and FIT into a KEYCHAIN-SIZED recycled ABS carrier making it PORTABLE and can take it with you ANYWHERE.?

Portable Stainless Straw is GREAT for HOT, COLD and FIZZY DRINKS. They can fit perfectly to any size glass and tumblers. It is SUITABLE for PEOPLE who have a SENSITIVE TEETH. It can also serve as a STIRRER to your favorite drink.

Portable Stainless Straw has NO WEIRD SMELLS compared to other straw product in the market. It does not have overwhelming taste or smell while using it. It is EASY to CLEAN as it has a SPECIAL BRUSH with it. It SAFE for HAND WASH and DISHWASHER.