Portable Milk And Water Warmer





Do you worry that when youre not in the house your babys milk and water will get cold and it may not be good for their stomach?

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Dont let that thought stop you from going out with your baby!
Portable Milk and Water Warmer is a BOTTLE HEATER COVER that lets your baby drink WARM MILK and WATER even when youre on the-go.

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The MILK BOTTLE POUCH is INSULATED so it can PRESERVE the HEAT for a LONG TIME son your baby could ENJOY the healthy warm milk it desires. It has a 42 CONSTANT CIRCULATING TEMPERATURE which makes the HEATING EFFICIENT.

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Portable Milk and Water Warmer is 100% made of HIGH-QUALITY material making it SAFE, SECURE and DURABLE. You can let the baby DRINK while the MILK is STILL WARMING. It has a ZIPPER OPENING DESIGN making it CONVENIENT for you to use.
Portable Milk and Water Warmer is USB POWERED making it EASY for you to USE for a PORTABLE POWER SOURCE. It is EASY to WASH as it has a LINER and CLOTH COVER but NOTE THAT THE HEATING SHEET CANT BE WASHED. This bottle warmer is SUITABLE for ALL TYPES of BABY BOTTLES.

Size: 28.0cm 13cm/7.09in5.12in
Heating power: 5W
Power input: 5V/1A

Package Included :
Portable Milk and Water Warmer x 1pc