InvisiStand Foldable Pocket Laptop Stand




Aren’t you tired of carrying a laptop stand wherever you go?
InvisiStandis the world’s smallest and sturdiest laptop stand!
  • The Smallest Laptop Stand in The World– Laptop stands are great… if they aren’t so huge and bulky! That’s why we came up with the idea of InvisiStand, combining the virtues of Lightweight, Portable, Convenient, and a Sleek Modern Folding Design!

  • Adjustable Angle Design– The InvisiStand has a dual angle adjustor design so you can adjust it to your eye level and suit it to your perfect posture. We leveraged a physics-oriented ergonomic design to provide you a supported protection for your arms and spinal health!

  • Sturdy Foldable Support– As light and compact as the InvisiStand is, we made sure a sturdy, secure support is not sacrificed!

  • Durable Slip-proof, Quake-proof Protection– The InvisiStand comes with a ultra-powerful firm holder designed with extra non-slip pads to firmly hold your laptop and prevent unnecessary shaking, slipping, and sliding while you work; Four-Point non-skid pads keep your stand stable and protect any surface It is placed on.

  • Strong Adhesive That Withstands Up To 5 KG– The InvisiStand requires zero effort to install! Install with one simple stick-on and remove it at anytime you want! Our NANOTech adhesiveis created for a sturdy hold that can withstand up to 5KG of weight

  • Easy One-Peel Removal : The InvisiStand is a perfect product made for a durable stable hold that can be reused over and over again! Simply peel off and stick it on other desired positions or devices!


  • Size: (Bow) 32*62mm; (Rectangle) 32*80mm;
  • Elevation Height: (Bow) 3 CM, (Rectangle) 3.8 CM, (Meander) 10 CM

Package Includes:

  • 1* InvisiStand Foldable Pocket Laptop Stand