Heavy Duty Wood Carving Disk




Shapes Wood Easier, Better, Faster
Invincible Tool For Your Wooden Crafts

  • SIX-TEETH:Gives a smooth and controllable grinding and polishing action to maximize the grinding performance.Can be used for woodworking, wood carving, root carving, polishing tea trays and coffee tables, etc.

  • WIDE USAGE: The tool is used in making every single furniture available in wood. Flat, Curved and even layered is very easy to work on!
  • CARVES DEEP: It carves deep and smoothens very efficiently using its 6 teeth feature. Perfect for making layered tables or any other furnitures.
  • SMOOTH CUTTING: Professional finish in terms of smooth cutting. Works on every wood, even old and hard wood can be smoothen with this tool.
Product Specification:
  • Product Weight: 270g
  • Diameter: 90mm
  • Angle Grinder Hole Diameter: 16mm

Package Includes:

1pc/2pcs Heavy Duty Wood Carving Disk