Glowing Fairy Light Dream Catcher




Wishing for a peaceful night of rest? Let this glowing fairy light dream catcher help create that restful ambience for your room tonight!

Originated from the 18th Century heritage, the blissful fairy light dream catcher is here to company you to the sweet world of dreams!

Night Lights Have Never Been More Magical! With build-in night lights, this glowing dream catcher doubles as a graceful night light to introduce a hint of soft, gentle light to your room in the depth of the night !

Wireless Glow For the True Magic! This light up dream catcher needs absolutely no wires hanging around for it to show its magic! The light is powered by a small battery box! Simply switch on the button to turn on the light!

Hang it Differently to Change Up The Magic! There’s many ways to hang this amazing little dream catcher! Horizontally or Vertically? Whichever way you hang it, this will add a sweet ambience to your surroundings!

Delicate, Hypoallergenic Materials! This dream catcher is made of natural and delicate materials to give you a beautiful accessory without the falling-off feathers and the agitating allergen!

Choose Your Catcher!

Different colors have different symbolic meanings!

  • Pink: Love and Romance
  • Violet: Convidence and Charm
  • White: Peace and Connection
  • Green: Life and Energy


  • Weight: 0.06KG
  • Dimensions: 55*11CM
  • Color Variance: Pink, Violet, White, Green
  • Power: Build-in Battery


1*Glowing Fairy Light Dream Catcher