FidgetSpin Screen Magnetic Bracket Phone Holder




Ever tired of missing the message when you’re working on your laptop?
This fun gadget is the best mount-free phone holder for those who needs multi-tasking! Keep a close eye on both your laptop and your phone all at once!

  • Spin Out For an Instant Easy Stand!– The FidgetSpin let you hold your phone steadily with just one smooth spin! No mounting need! Simply put your phone on there for an easy mounting and viewing of all your devices! This is the perfect multi-tasker’s gadget to let you keep an eye out for all your devices in the most accessible way!

  • Ultimately Light and Maximum Portability! – Our holder comes with a sleek contemporary design that fits your modern minimalist aesthetics! The unbelievably light body let you use it on the go without any burdens! This is perfect for the hectic travelers!
  • Ultra-powerful Magnetic Grip!Our FidgetSpin isengineered to give you the most stable holder! The ultra power magnet ensures your that your devices are safely secured on the holder no matter how heavy it is! The skid-proof pad enables you a error-free stable user experience! The sturdy lightweight alloy makes sure your holder is durable and reliable!

  • Easy Installation!– This dual monitor stand is easy to instal! Simply remove the protective film from it, fix the magnetic bracket to the laptop at the first time! After that, you just need to put your phone or tablets onfor an instant using! Spin the holder back easily every time after use!


  • Applicability:All devices
  • Dimensions: 124*140*4 mm

Product Included:

1*FidgetSpin Screen Magnetic Bracket Phone Holder