Expandable Balcony Rack




Do you live in a DORM or SMALL SPACE?
We have a product that will be a BIG HELP and might change your life,


Expandable Balcony Rack is a MULTI-PURPOSE EXPANDABLE RACK that is specially DESIGNED for BALCONIES and WINDOWS.

It is ADJUSTABLE and RETRACTABLE making it CONVENIENT for you. It is made of ABS MATERIAL making it STABLE and FIRM. It has a NON-SLIP DESIGN at the BOTTOM HANDLE that PREVENTS SLIPPAGE during usage.

?Expandable Balcony Rack has many FUNCTIONS such as DRYING RACK, PLANT HOLDER RACK, UTILITY RACK and other more.

It is DURABLE with HIGH-QUALITY CARBON STEEL that can SUPPORT up to 20KG. It is SPACE SAVING and ORGANIZED very PERFECT for people who live in SMALL SPACES and DORMINOTORIES. It can also used in the BATHROOM or KITCHEN.

  1. Can be folded, shrunk, folded without taking up space
  2. Adjustable length
  3. The hook position can be adjusted for different occasions
  4. Carbon steel Strong load-bearing
Material: ABS+ carbon steel structure, The weight is 800g and 1005g respectively, dimensions are shown below:
Package Included:
Expandable Balcony Rack x 1pc