Automatic Water-saving Smart Faucet




Do you know that faucet handles are one of the places with the most bacterias? This evolutionaryautomatic faucet will keep your family clean while saving water in the smartest way possible!

Enter the era of smart living with thisAutomatic Water-saving Smart Faucet than turns any tabs into automatic faucets, evolutionizes your home experience to a healthy, bacteria-free age!

Comes with 6 groups of changeable adaptors, this smart faucethas a wide compatibility to cater almost any faucet tips!

Enjoy refreshing water after an installation process of less than 2 minutes!

This smart faucet detects your presence with infrared sensing technology to let you control a touch-free, clean water dispense easily! The double sensor mechanismlet you dispense water in 2 different modes within 0.25 seconds of quick sensing, enhancing smart living in every way possible!
Utilizing the edge-cutting air-injection tech, this smart faucet will increase the ratio of air within the water flow, making the water gentler and better at cleaning! By reducing the ratio of wasted water, it is a class-one efficiency product that keeps you clean while saving more for your water bills!
Water dispensing starts as it senses your presences and stops as you leave. It will automatically stops after 20 seconds if you stay under the sensor and save you tons of water! Stay smart, save more!
This faucet is chargeable with USB. The battery will be fully charged within hours, which can run for over 6 months. The LED indicator will remind you of charging when the battery is low. Backup batterymakes sure water is stopped even when the battery is out! Say no more to overflowing sinks!
Enjoy a palm sized convenience and enter the comfortable era of smart living from head to toe!
  • Weight: 105 g
  • Standby energy spending: ¡0.2 mW
  • Working discharge: 0.05 – 0.8 MPa
  • Working water temperature: ¡75 degree celsius
  • Sensor active parameter: 0-5 cm for side sensor; 0-10 cm for bottom sensor
  • Efficiency: Class One
  • Dimensions: 60* 34* 49 mm
Package Included:
  • 1* Infrared Induction Water Saving Device For Faucet
  • 1* Installation Wrench
  • 3* Seal Rings
  • 6* Adapters
  • 1*User Manual